Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies

Popcorn! It’s my favorite food hands-down. We went to see the movie “Lucy” this week, and I will admit that I always buy the large popcorn at the theater to share with Josh, and then, since they offer a free refill on the large, we get it filled on our way out and take it home to snack on for the next few days!

Some people may think that’s silly. Me? Not so much…I like to think of it as one of the only ways to justify spending a fortune at the concession stand! Plus, I get more of my FAVORITE food, and sometimes I even let the kids dip in 😉

Since I had my stash, I figured why not experiment in the kitchen with it a bit. So, now, I have the pleasure of introducing you to TRUFFLE FUDGE POPCORN BROWNIES!!!Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessThey are the perfect blend of chocolatey, fudgy, salty, sweetness.Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessSimply bake a batch of Tastefully Simple’s Truffle Fudge Brownies as directed, cool, and then cut before topping. This will make it easier than trying to cut once you’ve coated them with chocolate sauce, Creamy Caramel Sauce, and popcorn.Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessI know you’re thinking: “Do I have to use the TS brand of brownies?” My answer is YES. Unless you don’t want the most perfect, moist, fudgy, brownie filled with chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, and happiness! And that just seems silly.Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessI wanted to popcorn to stick to the brownies, so I drizzled a little chocolate sauce. When I make them again I will probably add the Caramel Sauce here too because it needed a little more “glue”.Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessSee that? I call it “liquid gold”Tastefully Simple’s Creamy Caramel Sauce…the best caramel sauce you’ll ever taste! It’s all-natural, so it’s simple, pure, & delicious!Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessTo get the caramel all drizzly, just heat it in the microwave for a few seconds or place the jar in a bowl of hot water. And if you accidentally hold the spoon directly over your mouth and drizzle it straight in, I won’t tell 😉Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessOne of the highlights of this brownie mix is that all you need is butter and eggs. No need for oil like a lot of the store-brands call for, and trust me, they do not taste like anything you can buy on the grocery store shelf. They are the kind of brownies that you will not be sharing at the PTA meetings…you will want to hoard these all for yourself…well, unless you REALLY need to get people to like you, then go ahead & share!Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessSo, we’ve added chocolate sauce, popcorn, caramel sauce. Hmmmm, what else do we need? How about MORE chocolate sauce?!?!Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessThis is truly amazing, don’t you think?!?!Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappinessAs we started to eat it we realized the popcorn wasn’t staying on perfectly, but that’s A-OK! Just pick up the pieces that fall off & eat ’em anyway! Like I said, next time I will go with a little more caramel sauce to stick them on, or maybe a thin layer of frosting would do the trick.Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies. #FoodandHappiness

RECIPE for Truffle Fudge Popcorn Brownies

Bake brownies as directed on package, let cool. Cut brownies into squares and place on a serving platter. Drizzle with chocolate sauce, top with popcorn (press lightly to stick in sauce), drizzle with Creamy Caramel Sauce, and drizzle again with chocolate sauce. ENJOY!

Do you have a favorite topping for your brownies, or are you a brownie-purist & eat them naked? Leave a comment 🙂

Happy Drizzling!~ Kim Denne, Ind Tastefully Simple Cons, ID# 0021712,


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