Thoughts – Emotions – Actions

At a “Dream Tour Workshop” on Tuesday night, Tastefully Simple’s Found & CEO, Jill Blashack Strahan, talked a lot about how our thoughts control our emotions and our emotions control our actions.

I 100% believe that this is true ( that’s why I am always talking about goal setting, visualization, and asking what you want from your business…it starts with our thoughts), but I also think that you can work this backwards as well.

How to get your business moving: Thoughts, Emotions, Actions. #Home business tips #FoodandHappiness
Our actions can inspire emotion which can transform thoughts. Think about it, if you’ve got a lot of negative thinking going on about your business (I can’t get any bookings, no one wants to buy, I am terrible about getting people to join), then it’s likely that your emotions about your business are low (you’re feeling sad, mad, angry or just blah), and then the actions to get the work done are going to be nearly impossible to do.

But what happens when you just can’t get those thoughts turned around? Well, it can spiral out of control until you let yourself get so miserable that you may even want to quit. OR you can try working the process backwards & see if it sparks something & helps to pull you out of your funk. (We all get into a funk time & again, right?! No need to stay there though!)

And I am talking just the SIMPLEST actions. Trust me, I know if you’re not “feelin’ it” you’re not going to want to do much more than that!

Thoughts – Emotions – Actions – Emotions – Thoughts

But, how about trying some of these actions and see if they bring about these (or similar) results:

~ Reach out & verbally congratulate someone who you see doing something good in the business = an emotional spark of kindness/love = a thought that you can achieve the same

~ Take the super small action of Liking a post when someone offers an idea or tip = an emotional spark of gratitude = a thought that the idea may work for you

~ Share something about your business with others. This can be verbally with people you see in your daily life or via social media. Share a tip, a recipe, a picture, or just a story about someone you’ve met through your business. Sharing = an emotional spark in your heart = thoughts of how more sharing can help others.

~ Make something! For those who deal with food, whip up a recipe & enjoy it = an emotional spark of love for your products = thoughts of sharing these amazing products with others who need something simple & delicious

~ Contact a past client or host. Not to sell anything or book a party, but just to say “I was thinking of you, I hope you’re doing well!” This can create an emotional spark of friendship that leads to thoughts of who else needs to hear from you.

~ Read a self improvement article or book. This usually sparks an emotional confidence reaction that will lead to thoughts of “I can do it!”

~ Make a list of what you want from your business. This can be a list of things that are small and realistic to things that are wildly far fetched. Give yourself a 15 minute deadline and just KEEP WRITING through the whole 15 minutes. This can give an emotional spark of hope and excitement, which can lead to thoughts of “what will it take to make it happen.”

Can you think of any other small actions that may help spark an emotion that will lead to a thought turn-around? Do you relate to any of those listed above? Did you try any of these & have results? Please comment below if any of those apply to you…that one small action can lead to a lot 🙂

Happy Action-Taking!~ Kim Denne

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