Tastefully Simple’s Easy Grillin Collection Part 2

Two weeks ago I introduced you to the Easy Grillin Collection from Tastefully Simple. You can hop over to this blog post to check it out and see a quick video of the unboxing of the meal kit.

I was saving my collection for a Freezer Meal Workshop training that myself and a friend were doing for our sales teams, and I am excited that that took place this week so now we can dig into the meals!

First, I took the short grocery list that was included with the Meal Kit, checked off the things I already had at home, made a few substitutions that fit into what we eat, and then headed to the grocery store to grab the remaining ingredients that I needed.

Freezer Meal Prep! Easy Grillin' Tastefully Simple Meal Plan Collection #FoodandHappiness

All I really needed to purchase for the Freezer Meal Workshop were the proteins (beef, chicken, turkey), and then when I prepare them at home I will just serve them with whatever veggies we have on hand.

It seemed like a lot to buy at once, but knowing that I was going to get 10 meals with 4-6 servings each meant I was getting not only a lot of meals out of it, but I was also getting convenience, time savings, and reduced stress.

Freezer Meal Prep! Easy Grillin' Tastefully Simple Meal Plan Collection #FoodandHappiness

Because my phone broke earlier that day, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the actual workshop where 16 of us each assembled our own meals, but it was a neat experience and made the process go by very quickly. 

It only took about an hour to assemble these meals. Some of the other groups took about an hour and a half (we were doing 3 different Meal Collection sets), but even at that rate getting 10 meals together happened in no time flat.

Here’s the first meal we prepared at home…

Freezer Meal Prep! Easy Grillin' Tastefully Simple Meal Plan Collection #FoodandHappiness

We LOVE that TS to You Meal Collections are TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE! We don’t have to eat exactly what someone sends us. This was supposed to be “Sweet and Smoky BBQ Pork Kabobs“, but since I’m allergic to pork we did beef, and since I was too rushed to “kabob” it I just put it under the broiler for 7 minutes, and because I didn’t want peppers and pineapple tonight, we did a side of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

What benefit DID we have from the collection? A TON of flavor from the sauce and seasonings and the confidence of quality ingredients from the “TS EatWell” label.

Freezer Meal Prep! Easy Grillin' Tastefully Simple Meal Plan Collection #FoodandHappiness

Last night’s dinner from the collection was Roasted Onion Turkey Tenderloin Salad. We used chicken instead of turkey and cooked it in the crockpot because we’re rule breakers that way 😉

Tonight we ate the leftover chicken on soft tortilla wraps with salsa, green peppers, cheese, and a little sour cream.

Tons of flavor, prepped in no time flat, confidence of quality ingredients once again thanks to the TSEatWell label.

Excited that we have 8 more meals in the freezer ready at my finger tips to make over the next 2 weeks! If you try any of these recipes from the Easy Grillin Collection (or any other TS recipes) feel free to share your thoughts/pics with me on my Food and Happiness Facebook page. 

Happy Freezer Meal Making!~ Kim Denne 

Disclosure: I am a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant (ID# 0021712) and earn a commission on sales from my website, www.KimDenne.com.  This post contains affiliate links.

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