It’s Time to Take Action

At our monthly Team Meeting last night, we spent a bit of time talking about writing down goals & creating an ACTION PLAN around them. In the 10 steps to goal setting that we covered, #9 was TAKING ACTION, but it stated that most people stop at #8 which was “creating the plan”.

In our business, we’ve had a lot of new information to learn over the past few months. New programs, new products, new bonus structures, and more. It’s felt overwhelming at times, it’s felt confusing at times. Many people have even been so frustrated that they’ve stopped doing their business altogether.

It's Time to TAKE ACTION & make your home business work for you. #FoodandHappiness

So, last night we talked about moving away from the “learning mode” and into ACTION MODE. It’s time to start having conversations with our friends and our clients about these new programs and products. It’s time to start offering our new business opportunity to everyone.

It will not be perfect, it may not be pretty, but unless we actually DO IT, we will never fully learn it all and become strong in how we sell it, and we will not accomplish our personal goals or help others to accomplish theirs.

Action is the one sure-fire way to move in the direction of what you want to accomplish. Making all the plans and goal charts, and learning the background information is a good place to start, but we must take that next step into ACTION, and now is the time!

Whenever someone new starts in our business, I always tell them that it’s just like when we are teaching our children to drive…we can never tell them everything they need to know, they just need to get behind the wheel & start moving.

Or, as we see here, we are not going to bake the cake just by reading the recipe

Time to TAKE ACTION & make your home business work for you. #FoodandHappiness
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The same holds true after major changes like our company just went through. Even though we may not feel like we know everything, the time has come to get behind the wheel & start moving. Or going back to our cake analogy, get messy and start baking! There will be plenty of time to figure out answers to questions that arise. The best way to learn it all is simply to TAKE ACTION!

We have an AMAZING sign on special this month, so I encouraged everyone to to sign someone on. Better yet, sign 3 people on and don’t let yourself off the hook until you get it done. As we are teaching our new Team Members about our programs and products, we are sure to learn the ins & outs, too!

Happy Taking Action~ Kim Denne

Disclosure: I am a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant (ID# 0021712) and earn a commission on sales from my website,

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