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Mickey & Minnie Disney -inspired Crocheted Coffee Cup Cozies. Handmade, crochet, cozy. #FoodandHappiness

Starting Where You Are

Are you like me? Do you get so far behind on things that you don’t even know where to begin, so you …

Choose success over failure. Home business tips and support. #FoodandHappiness

Choose Success Over Failure

With just about anything in life, we come up against so many obstacles that make us feel defeated. For my home business …

How to get your business moving: Thoughts, Emotions, Actions. #Home business tips #FoodandHappiness

Thoughts – Emotions – Actions

At a “Dream Tour Workshop” on Tuesday night, Tastefully Simple’s Found & CEO, Jill Blashack Strahan, talked a lot about how our thoughts …

It's Time to TAKE ACTION & make your home business work for you. #FoodandHappiness

It’s Time to Take Action

At our monthly Team Meeting last night, we spent a bit of time talking about writing down goals & creating an ACTION …