Notes on Nature Free Form Journal #1

Excited to launch a new 30 day series, starting with this Notes on Nature Free Form Journal!

Last year, right around this time of year I realized that my blogging efforts were running a little light, so I challenged myself to run a thirty day series. I had decided on doing “30 Days of Salad” to not only help with the blogging, but to also make sure I was getting lots of veggies, protein, and fiber into my diet.

While I finished all 30 days in real life, I had only blogged days 1-19. I still have the photos and recipes for days 20-30, so maybe someday I’ll get around to adding those here on the blog 🙂

Anyway, I have fallen in love with the concept of creating these free form crochet journals, and I need to get myself back on the blogging track, so guess what??? You know it…30 days of free form journals!

This was my very first attempt, and I’ve decided to call it “Notes on Nature”.

Notes on Nature free form journal /notebook. Handmade crochet #FoodandHappiness

You know how sometimes when you look at a project for too long you start to lose perspective? As I was making it, I said to Josh, “This is either totally amazing, or totally crazy”. So, I took a step back, posted it on my Facebook page, and within an hour it was sold! Apparently it was TOTALLY AMAZING afterall 🙂

Notes on Nature Free Form Journal

Notes on Nature free form journal /notebook. Handmade crochet #FoodandHappiness

This project is packed with color, textures, flowers, leaves, ladybugs, butterflies, and even a little worm! It’s made with several different types of yarn, glass beads, plastic beads, buttons, metallic beads, and ribbon.

Notes on Nature free form journal /notebook. Handmade crochet #FoodandHappiness

I am excited to see where my creativity takes me on this new free form journey, and I hope that sharing these projects with you may help inspire you to try some of your own.

If you love the idea of the journals/notebooks, but you’re totally intimidated by creating one of your own, feel free to contact me. I’d love to work on a custom project for you 🙂

Happy Free Forming!~ Kim Denne

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