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Welcome! So glad you’ve stopped by to check out my site!

So, what is “Food and Happiness” all about? Well, I LOVE my life as a Direct Salesperson, and I have found that what I love MOST about that is sharing what it takes to make it in Direct Sales with others. Both the “how-to-do-it”, technical side, and also the “why-do-it”, inspirational/motivational side.

My journey has not been easy…but really, has anyone had it easy? But has it been worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

I found a love for Direct Sales & Home Parties as I was growing up. My mom was always involved in different companies…make-up, home decor, holiday items, etc, etc, so I got to see the “background” of the businesses. And I also LOVED attending parties whenever she was invited to one. I mean, come on, time to sit and chat with all of the ladies, see the greatest new products, and have snacks, desserts, and tea??? I LOVED IT!

I started out with my own DS career waaaaaaaay back in the early 90’s with an MLM Company where we sold customizable phone cards. At just barely 20 years old, I was talking in front of groups of people explaining how the comp plan worked and loving every minute of it! Knowing full-out there’s no get rich quick in any of these businesses, but I LOVED the idea of MAKING IT WORK. Figuring it out. Doing the leg work. Seeing the BIG PICTURE of what could be!

My next stop was with Avon, and I LOVED that, too! I think the thing I liked best there was the customer service aspect. Helping people figure out what would help them most. Making sure they always had what they needed. Letting them know about the newest products. We serviced about 300 clients every 2 weeks, and had quite a booming business. 

Then, back in 2003 I found Tastefully Simple. And here I still am!!! It’s the longest I’ve ever had a job 😉 I have built a thriving business, reaching #1 in National Sales in 2011, and I’ve been a Top 10 National Seller, Sponsor, and Leader Builder quite a few times, too. I’m also lucky to lead an AMAZING TEAM of over 250 people who are working hard to make their dreams come true, too.

My other “traditional” jobs along the way have included retail sales, retail management, and I was a pharmacy technician.

I am also a wife, married to Josh since 1993. And I am a mom of 2: Chase & Maiya. I have worked my home-based businesses while working full-time, working part-time, and not working outside the home. I have worked them through new born baby stages, toddlers, teenagers, and now adult children

Basically, after 20 years of doing this type of work, I am guessing that I have been through, or known someone who has been through, just about everything possible, and figured out how to work through it! So, no matter what you’re facing, I think we can help you find the answer 🙂

So, that’s the work-related part of my site. The FOOD comes in because, well, we all eat! Who doesn’t need new recipes & fun food ideas?!?! And quite frankly, my current job revolves around FOOD 🙂

And finally, the HAPPINESS! Truly, who doesn’t need more of that? You won’t see complaining, whining, or negativity at all in my posts because really, what’s the point??? Some things that make me HAPPY: FAMILY, GREAT SHOES, FANCY NAILS, CLEARANCE RACKS, SHARING IDEAS WITH OTHERS, LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS, CELEBRATING THE GOOD, PUSHING PERSONAL LIMITS, and of course FOOD!

Between FacebookPinterest, and other sites, I found that I needed one place to “store” all of the ideas I want to share, thus the start of FOOD AND HAPPINESS!

I look forward to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 20 years with you, and everything that I continue to learn! Most of what I share are *not* my original ideas, but ideas that have been gathered, tweaked, combined with others, and used over and over again. And, I also hope to learn from YOU, too! Please share ideas/questions in the reply section whenever you can.

ENJOY!~ Kim Denne

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