“Food for Thought” Freeform Journal #2

Day 2 of my newest 30 days series, and I’m still on track 😉 Freeform Journal # 2 is being called “Food for Thought”.

Food for Thought Freeform Journal cover. Handmade crochet notebook #FoodandHappiness

I had a piece of pizza that I crocheted back in December laying around, so that was the starting point for this project. These notebook covers are actually the perfect way to use up practice pieces that you have laying around, so grab your stash and give it a try!

I did a bit of a mix between healthier foods: notice the orange, pineapple, and strawberries, along with some more “indulgent” choices like the pizza, burger, ice cream, and even a margarita!

And once again, I love the mix of colors, textures, and materials, including yarn, metallic beads, plastic letter beads, buttons, and ribbon. I always like a little sparkle in my projects, too, so a few of the yarns have a metallic accent running through them.

Freeform Journal #2

I thought this would be great for a daily food journal for someone, or just to use for day-to-day To-Do lists. The pages inside the notebook are blank, and are acid-free, so it could even be used as a sketch book or memory book.

Food for Thought Freeform Journal cover. Handmade crochet notebook #FoodandHappiness

The strawberry in the top right corner is my very first attempt at needle felting! I need to work more on that technique, as it fascinates me 🙂

I am excited to see where my creativity takes me on this new free form journey (I’ve already gathered a list of about 20 ideas for themes), and I hope that sharing these projects with you may help inspire you to try some of your own. If you’d like to take a look at Day 1, see it HERE.

If you love the idea of the journals/notebooks, but you’re totally intimidated by creating one of your own, then feel free to contact me. I’d love to work on a custom project for you ?

Happy Journaling!~ Kim Denne


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