“Fish Tales” Freeform Crochet Journal #3

Day 3 in the Freeform Crochet Journal 30 days series brings us this notebook that is perfect for recording all of your “Fish Tales”.

"Fish Tales" Freeform Crochet Journal. #Food and Happiness

I’ve had this little crab, starfish, sea leaves, and orange fish since the winter. They were meant to be sewn onto a felted purse, but the project never got completed (yet!). So, they were the perfect starting inspiration for this “Fish Tales” book!

The cover is made up of cotton yarn, a soft “fun fur” type of yarn that I used in the Very Hungry Caterpillar newborn set that I made a while back, and ribbon.

It’s embellished with buttons, metallic beads, and plastic buttons in the shape of a seashell and a blue fish, in addition to the crocheted appliques.

The crab was a free pattern found on My Merry Messy Life, the fish and seaweed can be found here, and the starfish is on Flower Girl Cottage. 

"Fish Tales" Freeform Crochet Journal with crochet crab, crochet fish, crochet seaweed, and crochet starfish. #Food and Happiness

I am excited to see where my creativity takes me on this new free form journey (I’ve already gathered a list of about 20 ideas for themes), and I hope that sharing these projects with you may help inspire you to try some of your own. If you’d like to take a look at Day 2 “Food for Thought”, see it HERE.

If you love the idea of the journals/notebooks, but you’re totally intimidated by creating one of your own, then feel free to contact me. I’d love to work on a custom project for you ?

Happy Freeforming!~ Kim Denne

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