Everyone Sells Something

ALL of your friends sell something. All of them. Truly. Think about it for a minute. I bet you can think of friends who sell make-up, jewelry, home products, weight loss, products, clothing, books, etc.

If they don’t “formally” sell something through one of their favorite companies, then they probably sell something they make like crafts, art work, or baked goods.

And then if they don’t sell an actual tangible item, then they probably still sell you on things like their favorite restaurant, a good movie, where they shop, or even where they go to church. Raving about favorite places and things is, in essence, selling.

Everyone Sells Something

Everyone Sells Something. Direct Sales and Home Business Tips. #FoodandHappiness
Handmade Stoneware by Maiya Denne

Why is everyone selling something? For the most part, it’s probably because they love a particular product and they want to share it with everyone they know. It can also be because they love it and want to get their products at a discount or paid for by sharing it with others.

Take a look around at what your friends are selling and then take a minute to reflect on the fact that selling doesn’t carry the same stigma that it once did. It’s now becoming the norm. It’s simply a way of sharing what you love with others who may love it too, and reaping a reward for sharing.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, freelancers now make up around 15% of the workforce, compared to only 7% in 1995. And the trend isn’t expected to stop here. The BLS reports that freelancers and self-employed individuals may comprise 20% of the workforce by 2020. (source)

Some may also be doing it for the added income. People are finding that creating an additional stream of income can really help make ends meet. Did you know that just paying one extra mortgage payment a year could shave years off of your loan?

Would you like to be able to pay one bill to help relieve your household burden? Have you been wanting to start a retirement fund, college fund, or even a vacation or Christmas club fund? Partnering with a direct sales company may be the perfect way to make that a reality!

Everyone Sells Something. Direct Sales and Home Business Tips. #FoodandHappiness
If you have noticed that your social circle doesn’t have anyone that sells food or meal solutions, then I invite you to consider taking a look at Tastefully Simple. I have been happily sharing TS for the past 12 years and have reaped the rewards of free and discounted products, a sizable income, fabulous vacations, and so much more.

Feel free to contact me for more information and/or find out more at my website, www.KimDenne.com under the “Join” tab.

Happy Sharing!~ Kim Denne

Disclosure: I am a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant (ID# 0021712) and earn a commission on sales from my website, www.KimDenne.com and a Leader Bonus for mentoring those who join my sales team.

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