Crochet Skull & Creamy Wild Rice Skillet Pot Pie

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I always love diving into a new project! A chance to try something new, the anticipation of finding out if a ball of yarn will turn into a recognizable shape, and the satisfaction that comes when you get to that very last stitch and see what you have made.

I had a request for a skull scarf, so I went to Pinterest to dig around for a pattern that would suit my needs. Finally, after getting lost looking at numerous different pins, I stumbled upon the perfect size and shape for this job at This pattern was easy to follow, and my first attempt took about 30 minutes. I am now on my 6th one and have it down to about 20 minutes each.

Crochet Skull #FoodandHappiness

The person I am making it for wants grey skulls with purple flowers to match her winter coat, and I also got a request from someone to do it in white and black, so I will be making two of these this week. 

The scarf will take 10 skulls, I believe (I’ll know for sure once I get them all pieced together), and I will also be making a hat to go along with it. Each crochet skull measures about five and a-half inches tall by four and a-half inches wide. I made them with Caron yarn (medium~ 4) in the color Medium Grey Mix.

While I was working on these skulls, I was also whipping up another easy meal for dinner. I used Tastefully Simple’s Creamy Wild Rice Soup mix and cooked it on the stove top in a skillet with leftover turkey meat added. Once it was done, I placed crescent rolls on top and moved the skillet into the oven for about 15 minutes until they were golden brown. Easy peasy pot pie!

Creamy Wild Rice soup skillet pot pie #FoodandHappiness

Stay tuned for the final result of the crochet skull scarves 🙂 If you try this project, feel free to share your picture with me on my Food and Happiness Facebook page.

Happy Crocheting!~ Kim Denne

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